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Plan a lavish weekend at bungalow in lonavala with family and friends with all the possible luxuries at one place. Enjoy the serenity of this hill station with many things to explore and experience the adventure of being on a height so close to nature. Luxury bungalows, beautiful landscapes, many places to explore such as Karla / Bhaja Caves, camping, trekking, or paragliding is all that you need to unwind and spend some time in tranquility. Lonavala bungalows are spacious and an idle place for a family hangout or a weekend with friends. Cool gusty winds, unruffled landscape, swimming pools, and all other holiday requirements are availed these elegant bungalows. Plan a small party or a huge party we have bungalows of every size and with every requirement that one would seek on a holiday. These bungalows are close to nature but not far from other places to visit on this hill station.

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Take a few days off from the city hustle bustle and experience the royal pampering at bungalows in lonavala. Take a bungalow on rent for a weekend or a long holiday, 2bhk, 3bhk, 4bhk, 6bhk bungalows are available on rent with tariff that is worth paying for. You can view the pictures of every villa and bungalows on hire that suits every budget. Feel like home with the comfort, furniture and completely accommodated huge bungalows with all the requirements.

You can take a day off to mumbai which is at a distance of 96 kms and pune which is at a distance of 64 kms. Escape from the hot summer and indulge in the cool winds of lonavala and treat yourself elegantly at luxury bungalows. It’s just not about the luxurious bungalows but it is also about the luxury time that you with your closed ones at place where no honking or clamor will disturb you. The chirping of birds and breezy winds is the added beauty of these bungalows in lonavala.

Besides spending a quality time with your loved ones you also have the facility of a well furnished kitchen where you can cook yourself and get experimental. Ever persons dream of residing in a place so serene, calm, and huge bungalows are fulfilled at bungalow on rent in lonavala. Adventure sports and other tourist attractions and mouth watering delicacies is an added advantage of this place. Lonavala has good connectivity by road and train as it close to the major cities.

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